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Malli Minerals International is a professionally managed enterprise actively engaged in the supplying of Ball Clay Minerals to global market.

Ball clay is a type of fine-grained clay known for its plasticity and high levels of natural binding strength. It’s widely used in ceramics and pottery production to enhance workability, shape retention, and fired clay’s smooth texture. Ball clay is prized for its ability to contribute to the creation of intricate and detailed ceramic pieces.

Typical applications include

  • Ceramics: Used as a primary clay component in the production of ceramics, including pottery, porcelain, and fine china, to improve plasticity and workability.
  • Sanitaryware: Commonly used in the manufacture of bathroom fixtures such as sinks, toilets, and bidets due to its ability to maintain shape during forming and firing.
  • Tiles: Employed in the production of ceramic tiles, including wall tiles, floor tiles, and decorative tiles, to enhance clay body characteristics.
  • Electrical Insulators: Used in the manufacturing of electrical insulators and components due to its high dielectric strength and thermal stability.
  • Construction: Added to construction materials like bricks and roof tiles to enhance plasticity, reduce shrinkage, and improve firing properties.
  • Refractories: Utilized as a binder in refractory materials for high-temperature applications such as furnace linings and kiln furniture.
  • Paints and Coatings: Included in formulations of paints, coatings, and glazes to improve texture and provide a smooth finish.
  • Drilling Mud: Added to drilling mud in the oil and gas industry to increase viscosity and aid in wellbore stability.
  • Paper Industry: Used as a filler and coating agent in the paper industry to enhance printability and surface quality.
  • Cosmetics: Employed in cosmetics and personal care products, like face masks and body scrubs, for its gentle exfoliating properties.
  • Environmental Applications: Utilized in wastewater treatment and remediation processes to remove impurities and clarify water.
  • Agriculture: Added to agricultural products like animal feeds and fertilizers to improve texture and flow properties.

Product Typical Characteristics

  • Chemical Composition
  • Mineral Structure
  • Plasticity
  • Color and Appearance
  • Particle Size and Distribution
  • Firing Temperature
  • Moisture Content
  • Density
  • Binder Properties
  • Impurities
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Applications and Uses

Malli Minerals International, Inc supplies Ball clay mineral to worldwide customers. Our in-house manufacturing facility processes ball clay in different mesh sizes as per our customer’s needs. We have access to abundant natural resources of ball clay mineral to supply to our customers worldwide.

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