Our Production Site

Currently we have our production and manufacturing site located in different parts of India where we are extracting, exporting mica, quartz, feldspar, vermiculite, kaolin, rutile, garnet, barite and many more minerals.
Production Location

Mining Minerals

Currently we have our production site located in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, India where we are extracting mica, quartz, feldspar, vermiculite, kaolin, rutile, garnet, barite and many more minerals. All the extracted material is shipped globally to various customers across the globe. We are shipping out material consignments from Chennai Port, Krishnapatnam port, Cochin port located within 100 KMs away from our production site.

Company Goal

Core Values

We conduct all business affairs with the highest standard of ethics & integrity. We partner in the betterment of our communities


We will be a global leader in import and export of superior quality minerals that enable our customers to excel in their markets.


To give our global customers with the high-quality mineral products.

Company Value

Working safely is everyone’s first priority. We collaborate with each other, our customers and our suppliers to create higher value for our customers.


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We Mine Finest Minerals on Earth. Partner with us.

Production & Environmental Mining

Planning and design are a vitally important process prior to commencing mining operations at our site. We help make our clients operationally ready from day one, with industry proven technical service procedures, systems, processes, and supporting documentation. At our production site, we use the most advanced technologies that tend to be more efficient and cleaner.

New mining technologies and regulations have significantly improved mining efficiency and reduced environmental impact in recent years. In general, mining techniques become much more environmentally sensitive when efficiency is improved because less waste is produced.

Our plan is for improving efficiency and decreasing the environmental impact of mining. We have adopted environmentally friendly general mining processes and implemented green mining technologies.

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